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Apple to invest $1 billion to Uber rival, Didi Chuxing

Apple has secured it’s position with the growing ride-hailing business, investing $1 billion to Didi Chuxing, which Uber’s main rival in China.

Experts comments on the deal that Apple usually invests technologies to integrate with their own products. This $1 billion investment in Didi is the second on the Apple’s top investment list. As you guess the top investment was $3 billion acquisition in 2014 of Beats. It is an unusual movement for Apple because of their previously shown too low interest to service oriented businesses. However, the investment announced by Didi could be an opportunity for their self-drive autonomous cars. Thanks to this investment Apple can test it’s new car project in China. So we can say Apple also will take a remarkable position in the race with Google and Tesla to make autonomous cars.

The investment “puts a stake in the ground in China that sends a extremely robust message to the Chinese government and the Chinese people that Apple is there to stay,” talked about San Jose technologies analyst Tim Bajarin, president of Inventive Techniques. Cook planning to go to Beijing this month and to meet with government officials about investment details according to Reuters.







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