Citrix CEO Kirill Tatarinov talks about punch cards and the 3D future

Kirill Tatarinov has seen computing from bottom to prime. As a scholar in the USSR he wrote courses on punch cards to manage the chopping edge hardware clones that Russia was churning out and now, as CEO of Citrix, he’s operating on the next era of managed computing. His eyesight for the potential is easy: he thinks 3D will be the next significant UI shift and that we have to have to be ready.

Tatarinov was present at the creation of contemporary computing. He expended a long time managing his individual startup and then headed to Microsoft just as IT moved from mainframes to PCs. Now he works at Citrix where he is shepherding the business by way of its next evolution.

He sees the 3D paradigm as the next significant thing in computing. Whereas we’ve always looked at interfaces like a sheet of paper he thinks new technologies will bring information and facts into new dimensions. It is a fascinating speak with a male who has seen much more computing heritage than most of us operating in the market currently.

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