Google confirms its acquisition of data science community Kaggle

Google right now reported it is getting Kaggle, an on the internet provider that hosts details science and device studying competitions, confirming what sources told us when we noted the acquisition yesterday.

The corporation built the announcement at its Google Cloud Next conference this early morning in San Francisco, whilst not disclosing the conditions of the acquisition. But it is not all that stunning that Google would want to snap it up. With hundreds of hundreds of details scientists on the platform, it would give Google the fast skill to broaden its reach within the AI local community. As it significantly goes head-to-head with Amazon on the cloud computing entrance, it is likely to require as considerably of an edge as it can get.

This, also, will support Google get its brand additional entrenched within the details science community — though it is now a staple thanks to its initiatives like TensorFlow. Google is going through escalating levels of competition as the AI space breaks into verticals, like autonomous driving and deep studying, opening up holes that more compact and more substantial companies can exploit. That could theoretically remove Google from the dialogue as the corporation with the most effective AI functions, which is recognized for watershed AI moments like beating the Go earth winner.

Buying Kaggle, and its mindshare within the local community, will also most likely support with recruiting. Google needs to be certain it retains snapping up the most effective expertise that specializes in deep studying, competing with other companies like Pinterest (which focuses on visual research). Even if this isn’t a additional specialized tech acquisition, it implies that Google is broadening its concentration to discover additional perpendicular methods to be certain its dominance in AI.







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