Juicero CEO promises refunds for any dissatisfied customers while defending the company’s tech

Jeff Dunn, the former Coca-Cola govt who turned CEO of Juicero previous year, has responded to a wave of coverage suggesting that the company’s juice push is not all that was promised — and he’s presenting dissatisfied clients their money again.

A Bloomberg report confirmed that Juicero’s packs could be squeezed by hand, no high-priced juicer required.

Dunn’s reaction? He does not deny that hand-squeezing is a incredibly authentic possibility, but he does quibble about what you’ll locate inside of, saying it’s “nothing but fresh, raw, organic chopped produce” — see, it’s not juice yet due to the fact it hasn’t been pressed.

“What you will get with hand-squeezed hacks is a mediocre (and perhaps incredibly messy) experience that you will not want to repeat when, permit on your own each and every day,” he argued. More importantly, he said, “The value of Juicero is far more than a glass of cold-pressed juice. Substantially far more.”

What … does that signify? According to Dunn, Juicero’s technological know-how (which is intended to entail 400 custom elements, such as 10 printed circuit boards, a scanner and a microprocessor) permits the company to produce “the 1st shut loop foods safety system,” so Juicero could disable develop packs if there’s, say, a spinach recall — which may possibly not seem like a big selling stage, but these issues do occur.

Dunn also claimed the Press is “calibrated by flavor to deliver the very best blend of flavor and nourishment each and every time” and that the details from the equipment will help the business handle its supply chain.

“The value is in how quick it is for a frazzled father to do a thing good for himself when receiving the little ones ready for school, without having owning to prep ingredients and cleanse a juicer,” Dunn claimed. “It’s in how the hectic skilled who wants far more greens in her existence will get App reminders to push Generate Packs prior to they expire, so she does not waste the really hard-attained money she used on them.”

At the commencing of his put up, Dunn claimed his purpose was to “demonstrate the outstanding value we know our connected system provides.” And if you’re not confident this is worthy of $400, well, there’s a further selection for disillusioned Juicero purchasers — Dunn said the company’s “Happiness Guarantee” (i.e. its return coverage) has been prolonged to address any individual who’s ever bought a Juicero Press. So for the following thirty times, any individual who’s bought a Press must be equipped to return it for a whole refund.







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