Kickstarter launches a ‘request for projects’ program

You just cannot be hanging about in the globe of crowdfunding for as very long as Kickstarter with out recognizing a couple developments right here and there. Taking a leaf out of Y Combinator’s Request for Startups, the crowdfunding web site is highlighting what it thinks are alternatives in the coming year. While Kickstarter’s plans are appreciably much more fuzzy than Y Combinator’s, it sends a very clear signal to possible strategies, hinting what Kickstarter will throw its not inconsiderable body weight behind.

The crowdfunding web site specifically identifies “Tools for Building.” The category, Kickstarter suggests, contains the two literal generation instruments, these as Wazer, which was released at TechCrunch Disrupt last year, and much more a much more liberal just take on generation, these as Artiphon’s Instrument 1.

The two other matters of focus are even fewer beneficial, and contain “Boundary Pushers” and “Delightful Style,” which, frankly, could signify everything. It’s not solely very clear what it is that Kickstarter is making an attempt to achieve by posting the request for projects, especially with out very clear plans attached. 1 could argue that all crowdfunding strategies should really be pushing boundaries and be nicely-made.

What is exciting, on the other hand, is that this appears to signal a shift absent from some of Kickstarter’s other stated plans: For the earlier couple several years, the web site looks to have been focusing on creative and imaginative projects around technological innovation-weighty projects. Taking its eyes off the ball signifies that the company’s arch-rival Indiegogo threatened to develop into the default go-to web site for a lot of components  and tech-connected projects. It is fantastic to see Kickstarter get again into the race and in fact commence endorsing its interior groups that are operating with creators to build profitable crowdfunded projects.

Individually, I’d appreciate to see the criteria spelled out much more explicitly (we are looking for X and Y, but not A and B), but I suppose any initiative has to commence somewhere. Kickstarter’s preliminary volley might be a little bit wooly, but if there is just one point the business has continuously been acquiring correct, it’s getting suggestions and iterating immediately, so I’m enthusiastic to see wherever the Request for Assignments might evolve.







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