Orbital Systems raises £15M Series B for ‘NASA-inspired’ tech to save water when showering

Orbital Systems, a ‘clean-tech’ startup out of Sweden, has elevated £15 million in Series B funding. The company’s founder and CEO Mehrdad Mahdjoubi has designed new re-purification know-how, in collaboration with NASA, that appreciably minimizes the total of drinking water and power applied when having a shower. The similar know-how can also be applied to help save drinking water in other domestic conditions.

Dubbed “OAS,” Orbital Systems’ futuristic shower, which can possibly be acquired as a retro-in good shape alternative or a brand name new installation, is effective by fundamentally recycling shower drinking water in a shut loop. The intelligent little bit, even so, is the filter tech that ensures bacteria and other ‘bad’ factors observed in drinking water coming off your body is removed in every single cycle and that if the drinking water is deemed as well contaminated, it’s discarded altogether. The consequence is that the enterprise claims OAS consumes only 5 litres of drinking water as opposed to up to a hundred and fifty for a fifteen minute shower.

In a call with Mahdjoubi, he stated that throughout a usual shower, only a couple minutes are spent flushing cleaning soap suds and shampoo down the drain. The rest of time the drinking water is a lot clearer. The tech he has designed is able to perception the two scenarios and filter or discard accordingly.

Having said that, there is a different main advantage to recycling every single shower’s drinking water: massive discounts in electrical power. That’s mainly because, suggests the Orbital Systems founder, the temperature of shower drinking water normally only loses a couple levels from shower head to drain. By making use of electronic know-how and mainly because the drinking water is recycled in a loop, the OAS only wants to provide it back again up to temperature fairly than heating the drinking water from scratch.

In a wonderful piece of sentiment, Mahdjoubi suggests that assets, these as drinking water and power, are extremely scarce on a room mission but must be dealt with as similarly precious on earth. His company’s mission goes beyond applying the tech to showers and Mahdjoubi hinted at upcoming products for the house (a washing device, probably?). If showering was the only use-scenario to be commercially rolled out, Orbital Systems will have failed, he suggests.

In the meantime, the startup’s Series B backers include things like Skype founder Niklas Zennström, who has once again invested in a individual ability. Also participating are Karl-Johan Persson (CEO of H&M), af Jochnick relatives (founding relatives of world makeup brand name Oriflame), Stena Ventures, and Nils Idoff.







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