Revolut launches current accounts and a chatbot

Bit by bit but surely, Revolut is receiving closer to developing an real financial institution. The startup just introduced the start of latest accounts — you can now get a personal IBAN, and the business plans to increase other features quickly. In addition to latest accounts, Revolut is also introducing a chatbot to tackle assistance requests.

Revolut is not technically a financial institution account, it is additional or less an electronic wallet app. But today’s new attribute fills an significant hole. Every Revolut consumer can now entry their personal financial institution account aspects for GBP transfers. Head above to the Profile tab in the app and you’ll see an account range, sort code and IBAN.

This way, you can transfer funds from your present on-line financial institution account or get your wage instantly on your Revolut account. It would seem like Revolut doesn’t assistance direct debits yet, but it is planned.

And if you don’t are living in the U.K., the startup will also develop IBANs in EUR and USD at some place in the foreseeable future. And it appears like Revolut is receiving serious about this financial institution account plan as financial savings and credit history are currently planned.

Also new these days, the Aid tab in the app is now a chat interface. At the other conclude of the dialogue, Revolut has made a chatbot called Rita. You can request easy assistance concerns, these kinds of as “where can I use my Revolut card?” or “what’s the latest GBP/USD trade fee?”

If it receives far too intricate, an real human being from the assistance group will have to aid you. During the beta, Rita could reply 20 p.c of the assistance query.

I’m still not certain that chatbots are the greatest interface for customer assistance, but Revolut is probably wondering about lessening the assistance load. For a banking app like Revolut, you require good assistance, and using the services of a large group can get pricey.

Perhaps the startup can devote additional resources into the enhancement group to increase new features as a substitute.








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