Statsbot helps businesses pull their data into Slack

Statsbot is supplying businesses a new way to glance at their information — in their chatrooms on Slack.

Co-founder and CEO Artyom Keydunov said that the solution was inspired by his earlier get the job done foremost a remote engineering workforce, when he realized that it would be “a superior plan to deliver information from Google Analytics or Mixpanel to the put where all collaboration happens — to Slack.” (Statsbot also pulls in information from Salesforce.)

The business participated in five hundred Startups and the Betaworks Botcamp past 12 months, and it says it has by now been put in by 20,000 businesses. It also not long ago raised a $1.six million seed spherical led by Eniac Ventures, with participation from Betaworks, Innovation Endeavors and Slack Fund.

Keydunov said a person of the most well known works by using of Statsbot is in conferences, where it can be “really awesome and genuinely crucial and genuinely essential to have this information with you.” If, say, you start off discussing traits in person signups, you can use Statsbot to pull up the information immediately so that you can validate and assist your argument.

You can also use Statsbot to acquire notifications. For illustration, you could explain to it to check person signups, then it will notify you when there’s a spike or drop off.

On the lookout forward, Keydunov said his workforce is performing to make Statsbot notifications smarter and far more actionable — as an alternative of telling you that a marketing and advertising campaign is getting rid of funds, it could also make it possible for you to halt or reschedule that campaign immediately from Slack. He also said Statsbot should come to be smarter about knowing business information, so that it can explain “why some thing goes incorrect or why a craze line in your sales change — what are the drivers of the craze line?”

“What we want to do in this article is to develop the Statsbot … that performs throughout distinctive sources, merging distinctive sources and supplying you a great deal far more valuable insights on the intersection,” he said.







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