The top 7 startups from Y Combinator W17 Demo Day 1

Cowlar – Fitbit for cows

It is way smarter than it appears. Cowlar will make a unique collar for cows that tracks their temperature, activity, and other details, and will make it readily available to farmers. It can understand a cow with an infected hoof from the improve in its gait, or discover that a cow is expecting and will inevitably create milk. Cowlar fees $sixty nine per cow with a $three per thirty day period membership, and gives a solar-driven “cow router” that collects details from the collars. It presently has 600 cows on the platform, with 7200 on the waitlist, and has alerted farmers about 103 ill cows. It presently has the possibility to develop an $11 billion company on milk cows, and could enter the 3X even bigger beef cow market place subsequent. Although the thought may well seem to be preposterous, cows are a huge part of the economic system, and much more details on them potential customers to much more revenue from them.







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