WhoIsHiring tells you who is hiring and where

WhoIsHiring is a clever website that aggregates startup work opportunities all around the environment. The one of a kind angle — a map that shows you exactly how several work opportunities are in a specific region — is a clever and enjoyment hack on the monotonous job boards of old.

Designed by Ania Bywanis and Sebastian Pawluś, the website is centered in Krakow, Poland. It was a response to tricky job lookups using out-of-date techniques.

“It began as a aspect job, to aid Sebastian clear up his have problem. He has invested a several years functioning as a freelance developer, executing assignments for distinctive companies. To get new consumers, he would search the Hacker News’ Who is employing thread and get disappointed with: the lack of a great search engine, inconsistency in naming conventions, and work opportunities found in destinations that would not generally exhibit in a search,” mentioned Bywanis.

The service aggregates 17 job resources. To use it you click on a circle and zoom in. The website pulls knowledge from just about every resource and then shows them in a handsome record. Businesses can publish straight to the website, as nicely.


The products is growing and searching for funding. They are at the moment bootstrapping and they’re viewing eighty,000 consumers a month. The mission, in the long run, is to make it a lot easier to uncover work opportunities all around and in close proximity to you, a mission that is noble as it is helpful.







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