Amper raises $4M to use AI to write music

Amper, a startup that delivers AI-powered music composition, is asserting that it has elevated $4 million in funding.

The round was led by Two Sigma Ventures, with participation from Foundry Team, Kiwi Venture Associates and Advancit Capital. Amper formerly elevated funding from Brooklyn Bridge Ventures.

You might not be expecting a movie composer like Drew Silverstein (who started the firm with Sam Estes and Michael Hobe) to build a solution that is ostensibly competes with his possess perform, but Silverstein does not see that way.

Instead, he pitched Amper as a speedy, economical and royalty-cost-free way to create the music for far more “functional” tasks (like commercials a or shorter online videos), in which most companies would currently use pre-created inventory music. Silverstein reported he’s been approached about these tasks in the previous but observed that “the economics just really do not work” — the budgets just aren’t major sufficient to justify producing new music.

“One of our main beliefs as a firm is that the long term of music is going to be made in the collaboration between people and AI,” he reported. “We want that collaborative experience to propel the imaginative procedure ahead. If we’re going to do that, we have to instruct desktops to be intrinsically imaginative.”

There are other businesses offering AI-driven music composition, these kinds of as Jukedeck, which won TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield just over a calendar year back. But in Silverstein’s perspective, this creativity is a single of the factors that makes Amper one of a kind.

Amper screenshot

He acknowledged that we’re “not but at the point in which novel, groundbreaking strategies appear from equipment.” What Amper is excellent at it, in his perspective, is collaborating with people.

Precisely, to build a music track on Amper, you just specify the mood, duration and genre that you’re on the lookout for. You can get an preliminary composition back again in just a handful of seconds (the generation time receives for a longer time as the music you’re asking for receives for a longer time), then you can refine it, for instance by adding or taking away particular instruments.

Amper is also launching an API right now that Silverstein reported will help the firm to build music at a more substantial scale by letting “anyone to energy their software program their system or their device with the imaginative manufacturer of Amper.”

But how excellent is the music? You can listen for by yourself. I’ve embedded a sample track below, and there are far more on SoundCloud.







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