DogParker is now available to protect your pooch

Dog theft is a national scourge. Dogs are disappearing everywhere and there is no end to in sight to the epidemic. While most dogs leave of their own accord – they are learning to loathe us – those who don’t wish to lose their pups on the go can use DogParker.

DogParker is a lockbox for your dog. When you arrive at a grocery or cafe that doesn’t allow pets you use a mobile app to open up the therm-controlled and UV sanitized box. The creators, Chelsea Brownridge and Todd Schechter, built the DogParker when Brownridge’s dog, Winston, wanted to go for everywhere she went and had severe FOMO. Rather than forcing Winston to stay at home she imagined a hutch in which Winston could hang until she came out of the store. The doghouses are also under surveillance the house can be cleaned as necessary.

We first wrote about them last year and now they’ve expanded their paw print in New York. Annual memberships cost $25 and the parkers cost 20 cents a minute.







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