Hivy is an office management service to manage all those startup perks

Have you ever puzzled why the snack bowls on the next flooring of your fancy startup office by no means operates out of snacks? Your office manager is most probable in cost of all of this, and sometimes it can be tough for them to keep monitor of all requests and make sure almost everything is managing effortlessly. Hivy plans to be the only service office professionals ever need to have. The business is collaborating in Y Combinator’s present-day batch.

Although the startup is however rather young, organizations like Slack, Deliveroo, SeatGeek or Typeform are currently making use of it to regulate all their perks. Hivy was 1st designed by the startup studio eFounders.

“We are building a platform for office professionals,” co-founder and CEO Pauline Tordeur instructed me. “On this platform, we’ll manage staff requests, acquiring a new supplier, acquiring things on Amazon and additional. We’re currently taking treatment of the job management part rather very well and we’re now building the service part with a marketplace.”

Ultimately, Hivy needs you to be equipped to discover all the answers you need to have as an office manager, with other office professionals recommending solutions that they use so you can quickly make a conclusion for an party or a extensive-term adjust.

Let us say all your staff members can buy a laptop or computer, a keep track of and peripheral units. Hivy lets you construct a catalog of units so your staff members can just decide what they want from this catalog.

Likewise, if you are out of fruits, staff members can notify their office manager on Hivy. Hivy also integrates directly with Amazon so you can order a item without having possessing to go away Hivy.

And if your ask for is a little bit additional challenging or you need to have to communicate about it with your office manager, you can just commence a discussion and get notified on the upcoming techniques.

You can interact with Hivy in lots of various ways. For occasion, you can go away an iPad in the kitchen area and your staff members can order meals from the tablet. “The iPad application is neat due to the fact it results in a physical existence for Hivy in startup offices,” co-founder Simon-Pierre Behr instructed me.

You also can use your Apple iphone, laptop or computer or even Slack. And I feel like that is the explanation why Slack got addicted to the item. You can mail requests to your office manager making use of the Hivy bot in Slack. It is rather handy that you really do not have to go away Slack for this form of things.


If you do the job in a small startup, you likely really do not need to have anything like Hivy. But as your workforce grows, you’ll need to have a software to regulate all these suppliers and this significant spending plan. Several Silicon Valley startups close up paying thousands of pounds each and every calendar year for just about every staff. Getting a software to keep monitor of all that can help you conserve funds, improve staff retention and additional.

Hivy is a software-as-a-service item with a regular subscription. The startup is however experimenting with its pricing strategy, but it won’t price way too much to run Hivy.

The close goal is much bigger. With the Hivy Club, the startup will list all types of suppliers directly on the platform. “The idea is that we’ll have 1 to a few suppliers for just about every category with reviews from other office professionals,” Tordeur stated.

Imagine about it as a curated platform with a wonderful estimate from Slack’s office manager declaring why they like this caterer or that cleaning business. And, of system, Hivy will acquire a reduce of all these transactions. This could close up making a great deal of revenue.

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