Imagining five retro technologies as startup pitches

Silicon Valley is a bubble. Go into any SoMa espresso shop and you’ll hear founders and traders alike singing the praises of Hyperloop and traveling automobiles — sci-fi tropes reincarnated by billionaires with a god sophisticated. This isn’t to say these systems should not be pursued, but often it is nutritious to remember that we are effectively pulling a Facebook Tales on H. G. Wells and Jules Verne.

We in this article at TechCrunch are no strangers to large ideas that are inspiring on paper but do not fairly perform in the authentic world. Acquire Google Glass — the headline “Project Glass Is The Upcoming Of Google” after graced our dwelling website page. It transpired then and it will come about again since moonshots are way far more entertaining than subscription box and infrastructure checking startups — they also make it straightforward to assert superiority in a world that offers bonus details to the person willing to address the major difficulty.

Points in the recreation of moonshots should not go to the one with the notion. Somewhat, they must go to the one who can perform out the specifics. Where do autonomous supply drones land? How do you develop underground tunnels without disrupting existing infrastructure? Or if you are a nineteen thirties VC penning a thought piece for TechCrunch about how Zeppelins are the future of travel — addressing protection and practicality.

But gosh is it entertaining to suspend disbelief. Billionaires should not be the only ones with that right. Here’s five satirical examples of retro technologies reimagined as moonshot startup pitches and the stories of how some persons are nonetheless seeking to make them perform these days.







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