Why Tom Kelley of IDEO is the ultimate disciple of ‘design thinking’

In our 16th episode, we talk with Tom Kelly, a partner at IDEO, about the definition of innovation, how to take back your creative confidence, and the habits that can shape not only your current design team, but the up-and-coming design leaders of the world.

The word “innovation” has gotten overused. Kelley says innovation, at the most fundamental level, is a fresh idea that’s feasible and adds value. Ideas alone are not innovation.

In a world so full of screens and notifications sparring for our attention, it’s easy to get caught up in distractions. Kelley breaks down the significance of finding and protecting those quiet moments when you are most bombarded with creative ideas. Once you know when those moments are most likely to hit, it’s a matter of capturing those ideas for future implementation.

Jared Erondu and Bobby Ghoshal are the hosts of High Resolution. This post and episode notes were put together by freelance writer, Gannon Burgett. Watch for High Resolution episodes to drop every Monday on TechCrunch at 8 a.m. PT. You can also listen on iTunes and Overcast.







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